Gratitude 39

Every new level has a price to pay.

Gratitude 38

Little big things to show love

Gratitude 37

What were your dreams when you were a child ? I found out that they could be indicators of what are called to do in life.

Gratitude 36

Have you given up on some unanswered prayers lately? I hope you give it another shot. You might just be much closer to the answer than you think.

Gratitude 35

After missing the gym some time, finally got to return to my workout and I'm so grateful because I could still lift the way I used to. In fact it was a little longer today than it used to be . I guess I really got a very good dose of inspiration from one of ...


Gratitude 34

I was deeply moved by my significant other's mom when she tried to make me promise to stay for her daughter's sake. I really wanted to say "yes, why not" emphatically , but that's not really what we wanted . We tried to explain things to her diplomatically for a couple times and thank God ...


Gratitude 33

I've never been so happy paying my rent in my entire life of staying in a rented abode. Since there was this new staff of the agency who collected my rent that also happen to be crazy over " Stitch " , a Disney character. She had this pen which tip is of Stitch's miniature. ...

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