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Gratitude 44

Sitting here at Mcdonald's enjoying a nice breakfast with my favorite coffee, savoring some small accomplishments such as the capacity to wake up early morning with only five and half hours of sleep and to get on an Express train ( Romance Car ) by Odakyu on time. These all rippled to a few more ...

Gratitude 43

It's been a while since I have written about the things I am  grateful for. My apologies to my beloved readers. Transitioning from one place to another takes a lot of energy especially when it is coupled with the transition of status and doing a full time job plus studying online. Change is indeed inevitable ...

Gratitude 42

Can life entrust you with more ?

Gratitude 41

Haven't you counted your blessings lately?

Gratitude 40

Feel like life is a long shot ahead ? We all do feel that way one way or another but we always have a choice whether to enjoy the roller coaster ride or scream for help!

Gratitude 39

Every new level has a price to pay.

Gratitude 38

Little big things to show love