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I'm an aspiring professor and entrepreneur who's passionate to inspire people and see them soar higher and discover their purposes in this lifetime. I believe in the greatness of every individual. And that each of us are designed and equipped to fulfill the dreams which are deposited in us since our birth. I may sound so serious at times but I tend to enjoy the gifts of life daily. Simple and complicated alike, there's beauty in each. I love coffee! I believe that it's one of the greatest gifts of God to humanity! I multitask with ease as long as there's a venti-sized cappuccino around! :)

When it rains …

It's raining today. Thank the heavens for the rain. I know that a lot of us may not like it but there are so many benefits that the rain brings and that is what I am grateful for today. It cooled the ground that has been scorchingly dry. Also, did you know that rain brings ...


Gratitude 44

Sitting here at Mcdonald's enjoying a nice breakfast with my favorite coffee, savoring some small accomplishments such as the capacity to wake up early morning with only five and half hours of sleep and to get on an Express train ( Romance Car ) by Odakyu on time. These all rippled to a few more ...

Are you just drifting or are you daring?

Yep, you guessed it right. This reminds us of the old saying that life is liken to a box of chocolates where you never know what you're gonna get. Well, I dare say ; NOT REALLY! You mean if I work hard and develop myself, I still wouldn't know what life could give? Or if ...

Gratitude 43

It's been a while since I have written about the things I am  grateful for. My apologies to my beloved readers. Transitioning from one place to another takes a lot of energy especially when it is coupled with the transition of status and doing a full time job plus studying online. Change is indeed inevitable ...

Gratitude 42

Can life entrust you with more ?

Gratitude 41

Haven't you counted your blessings lately?

Gratitude 40

Feel like life is a long shot ahead ? We all do feel that way one way or another but we always have a choice whether to enjoy the roller coaster ride or scream for help!