It’s not about how you START, it’s about how you FINISH.

James grew up in obscurity and full of insecurities. His parents separated when he was 4 and had to move from one place to another just to survive. He experienced being homeless and starvation at a very young age. He also experienced abuse and bullying in all its forms and lived a life of a street child for some time.  His life was full of hatred until the day he met foreign Christian  missionaries to the Philippines.

James’ life took a whole new form and direction since meeting his new found mentors who were from various cultures and backgrounds. He discovered that love knows no cultures nor languages. And that he didn’t have to live a life full of hate and unforgiveness. James was taught that his PAST DOES NOT DETERMINE HIS FUTURE.

After years under the care and mentorship of his guardians, James went on to take the path of an educator. As he discovered his calling and gifts through this profession, he also found out that the world  is desperately in need of Hope, Love and Inspiration. Therefore he decided to share his life’s journey in faith that each story would somehow reach people all over the world who could be at their wit’s end and just needing another doze of motivation to get going.

James believes that we are all but one big family regardless of race, color , background ,education or status. “Ohana” the Hawaiian term for family is combined with “Mi” taken from his fiancee’s name to form “Ohanami,” the Japanese term term for Cherry blossom which signifies spring.

May this blog’s collection of thoughts, stories and photographs inspire us to love indiscriminately, lift each other up and remind everyone that there’s always the season of spring to look forward to.