Gratitude 42

Can life entrust you with more ?


Finally, after a long and strenuous week I get to express what I’m so grateful for.

So yes, I have finally moved in to a new and a much better apartment. I mean, extremely, a lot better than any of my previous apartments. I’ve got to give all credits to my significant other though for she was so keen in choosing this apartment .

I have stayed in so many places in my entire life and moving from one place to another no fewer than 20 times and even was a homeless man on several  occasions. So having this place to live in is really a dream come true.

This place also packs a lot perks. First the neighborhood is extremely friendly and quiet since it’s on top of a hill but, secondly , it’s only a 5 minute walk to the train stations and all other transportations that would take me  almost everywhere.  Finally, since it’s relatively peaceful around here, I get to sleep soundly and don’t need to rush to the stations to get to work. The result , better productivity and happier outlook of life.

A takeaway from this experience would be when you are faithful with small things , you will be entrusted with bigger ones. Many people often complain about how small and dingy their places are so they just make it worse until they could get a better one. Well , it doesn’t really work that way, the way you treat anything is the one way you actually treat everything. Life only gives you what you can only handle, period.

So how are you treating what currently have ?

Would life entrust you with more ?

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