Gratitude 40

Feel like life is a long shot ahead ? We all do feel that way one way or another but we always have a choice whether to enjoy the roller coaster ride or scream for help!


Sold my beloved bicycle today! After having it on bids for quite some time , it finally got sold. But it wasn’t so easy since I had to bike for more than 3 hours to take it to the buyer ! I deserve a medal or a trophy for that feat !

I knew that it would be a long journey ahead of time but I chose it somehow because I had in my mind things I wanted to do along the way. I wanted to listen to some teachings while biking and see some new places. In fact I enjoyed it much that I didn’t even feel it took more than 3 hours !

I’m so grateful for so many things that I learned along the way and the enjoyment I felt while looking around Tokyo.

A thought came to me, life is exactly like that at times. We often see that life is a long and excruciating journey but that’s only a perspective. We always get to choose our mindsets and how we get through all life’s roads.

We can always complain or you can find things that would make you laugh and enjoy the journey. You might also find something interesting….

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