Say what?

Teaching for more than a decade now exposed me to various kinds of individuals and experiences. Each encounter made impressions and left me with either depression or hope. I had to battle within so I would only eat the flesh and throw the bones. Of course, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. So many times I would drown from people’s negativity and their small mindedness which are coming out of their mouths. And the result? For a day or two, I would live vicariously .

On the other hand, there were those people who seemed to be “in a whole nada level.” These were the people whose enthusiasm is  almost palatable!  And they just would change the whole game whenever they are around.

What I’ve noticed from these two polarities are their words. Their reactions and decisions were determined by what they usually say. The latter would say; “I can’t” , “It’s impossible”  ” I don’t have a choice” “It’s fall, I always get sick during this season.” “I’m poor”… yada yada. Sure enough, they really do and become what they confess!

And likewise to those who speak positive and encouraging words! Despite of the circumstances they are in, they could still summon a seemingly strange yet deep courage and declare what they believe in and not what circumstances dectates.

Skeptical?  Let’s check history a bit.

Remember Jimi Hendrix ? Great musician. A lot of artists are influenced by him and his music. Well, it tuned out that he was also good at predictions, including his own death. What about John Lennon ? Interviewed a couple of times and talked about his demise, including his exact age! Wow! Talk about morbidity , James!

Let’s turn the page then!

Actor Jim Carey was famous for declaring his own success while he was still struggling in life! He wrote himself a check for $10 Million dollars for acting services rendered! He post dated it 10 years later. And you know, the rest is history.

We really do have a choice. And we have to be careful with what we say not only to others but to ourselves as well. So, in response, I started declaring positive words over my life after learning about this a couple of years ago. I started saying, “I’m confident” ” I’m disciplined spirit, soul and body!” “I’m a blessing” ” I’m in the best shape of my life!”

I started confessing these and it surely affected my days!

So I took it up a notch, ” I’m going to Japan! ” I’m going to get a job in a global company!” I’ll be working with various nationalities!” Guess what? They are currently happening!

Even to my childish desire of wearing Hakama and the Samurai Armor! I told myself and friends that I’ll be in Kyoto and wear Hakama even though the odds were against me, including the weather!


As the  old literature put it ” The tongue has the power of life and death. ”

What are you saying to yourself today?



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