We are at war

Where were you when the first world war broke?

Huh? 1914?

If you could answer that, you probably over a hundred years old! And probably you have recounted war stories over a hundred times already.How about the second world war?  What we have second world war? yes, and mind you, the number of deaths was far larger than the first. Not counting the missing people, the first world war accounted over 35 million souls and the second , a whopping over 70 million souls!

Now imagine you being born in such age. Where would you be?

To me, realizing that, I feel blessed for not being born in such a time. I am so grateful for all those who had made sacrifices in order for us to live in a world where we live in.

Some people would say that we are living in a very peaceful world compared to when the world was at war. And some would argue that we were never at peace. That war hasn’t stopped. In fact, they say, we are still at war.

When you check on the news these days, you will always find wars and rumors of war. If you don’t believe that, check BBC or CNN and even Facebook! If you can’t still find it, then you’ve got some issues.

However, I hate to break it to you that wars didn’t begin in the 1900 nor in 2000 BC. In fact, it didn’t begin in the first recorded civilization!

What is this war I’m referring to? It’s not the bloody war you are thinking about nor the artificial-grotesque- CGI zombies you kill on your computer. It’s the war between Good and Evil. Between Light and Darkness. Love and Indifference.

Yes, they predated the wars we have mentioned earlier. The truth is, they cause them. And the moment you are born in this world, you have been enlisted. Whether you fight it or not, it’s upon you. It’s upon your love ones, friends and families.

The question is, will we just sit and watch?

Here’s the good news; Light can never be consumed by Darkness. And Good can never be overpowered by Evil. When there’s light, darkness has to flee.

Which determine the winning side then? The answer is You. Your Will. Your Decisions. Whatever you decide on today will have its effect over these matters whether you like it or not.

Is it better then to be neutral?

Well, how would you like the taste of a lukewarm coffee? Or a lukewarm tea?

What about fleeing and just running away to a deserted island?

We have a word for that- Coward . I’m sure nobody likes to be called such.

So then, shall we pick up and dust off our swords and return to action reclaiming our broken homes, estranged society and corrupt countries?




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