Why do we have problems? Why do we struggle in life?

Why endure when we can enjoy? Why fight when we can just  wait it out?

Why are there about 795 million  hungry people in the world?

Why there were about 14 million cancer patients in 2012 and that figure is still expected to rise over the years?

Why there are 3 Billion people who live less than $2.5 a day? and another 1.3 Billion people live under $1.25 a day?

Why there are about 20-30 Millions of people sold to slavery every year? 80% females and half of those are children..

Why divorce rate is 200 times higher than a century ago? Resulting to millions of fatherless and motherless homes.

Why there were 57 million children who had no school back in 2014? And about 20 nations wont let women get education.

Why bother these statistics? It isn’t our business right?

We have our own struggles don’t we?

We have bills to pay, projects due tomorrow, bosses to please, jobs to preserve, positions to achieve, families to keep, health issues to address, parents and lovers to gratify, unending debts to pay, peers to please , games to play , competitions to win, expectations to meet, religious dogmas to adhere…

Isn’t our own lives complicatedly complicated already?

Will it be better to just give it up and run away?


I’m certain that Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin had their own personal struggles nevertheless Polio Vaccines were invented by them..

Abraham Lincoln failed in business twice, lost 8 elections and had a nervous breakdown, nevertheless, the Emancipation Proclamation was passed.

Thomas Edison’s teacher told him that he was too stupid to learn and anything and he was fired from his first two jobs for being non-productive. Nevertheless…(Google it)


Oprah Winfrey struggled with her weight, her color and was sexually abused, nevertheless, her foundation is changing millions of lives for the better in this day and age.

I wonder what would happen when we take all our personal struggles and add the word  “Nevertheless”

She was sickly, ugly and poor….nevertheless..she invented the cure for…

He was an orphan, didn’t finish school and almost got killed..nevertheless..he became the president who brought justice to….

You were ………nevertheless…..




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