3 Things I have noticed from Successful people

Have you ever asked how successful people like Tim Cook of Apple, Bob Iger of Walt Disney and Jack Ma of Alibaba start their day? Or the world’s richest like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates the secret to their success?

I have had these kind of questions which bugged to death since I started this journey of self-development not so long ago. As I read about the lives of these people, I have found some of the things they do and not do which really set them apart from the most of us. So I decided to share my findings to all of us who might wanna be part of the 1%.

1.They don’t complain

I couldn’t agree more. Complaining is absolutely a life sucker. And it’s even harmful to our health!  According to research from Stanford University , a half hour of complaining damages a person’s brain! Not only it affects us from within, it also affects our reputation and relationships. Take that complainers!

There was a time when I was a complainer . (looks the other way)  I complained almost about everything; my parents who didn’t raise me, the people who left, my fire-breathing-dragon-faced teachers, the economy, the government, the weather and taxes!

Did my complaining solve any of those? Absolutely not! And in fact it even amplified and worsen the matter.

2.They wake up early

CEOs like Tim Cook, Bob Iger and Jack Ma all wake up before 6 a.m! This actually blew my mind. How could such busy people even have the willpower to wake up early rather than just getting some more rest to keep themselves energized for the day of unending work? Certainly there’s a reason behind.  I found out that before they contribute to our society, they invest in themselves first. While others are still asleep, these remarkable people take the extra mile. No wonder they are where they are right now.

I recently befriended a young lady from my workplace. The first time I met her was a phenomenon. She was beaming and emitting positivity!  It was almost palatable! Later on I found out that she wakes up early and exercise and likes reading self-help books too! I wouldn’t be surprised when one day she’ll be running her own company .

3.They read a lot

When Warren Buffet was asked how he does it, he revealed that he would just sit in his office and read all day! Also Bill Gates, one of the richest man in the world reads 50 books a year! And on side note, those books aren’t fiction.

When I found out about that, I started counting the books I read and the shocking truth unfolded. I haven’t even read 50 books for the past 5 years! And I have this guts to become successful like these men I have mentioned.

I recently listened to a motivational speaker , he said ” If you want your body to look like an athlete, train like an athlete!” That made sense. And if that were true, I dare say that if we want to be successful, read like the successful.

No wonder these successful people are set apart from the majority. It is because they do things beyond what the majority does. What about you and I? Would we just be part of the majority?


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