How to discover you

That’s a million dollar question ! Some of you might exclaim.

Fact is, it truly is! Once you discover who you are, impossible is nothing.

Some of you maybe holding the next breakthrough in science that will change the lives of many for the better. Or you maybe the next business tycoon in your country who will lead an industrial revolution which in turn change the course of the future of many lives including mine.

What you really are is so much more than you could ever imagine.

I once heard a story of some gods who were debating about where to hide people’s purpose in life. One of them said they hide it far out of the earth. Well, immediately that was scratched by the others since they know that people will eventually find the way to get so far out of the earth. ( I guess that’s why we found out about Betelgeuse?) So another god proposed that they hide it beneath the earth. In the deepest depth of all.(Atlantis? ) Guess what, that also was scrapped. Why?  eventually people will find the way to get there they thought. (We are that smart !Aren’t we? ) Finally , the wisest of the gods said , that they hide it within the humans themselves. That way, even Google nor Facebook could tell them . Not even the hashtags on Twitter and pics on Instagram could show them what they truly are meant to be!

Now that’s one sneaky god!

The answer that we’ve been looking for in fact is within!

Excuse me but I’m not here to lecture anybody , because honestly, we are all in this journey.  I just happened to find some clues through the lives of people I have read about and listened to.Also the  mentors who guided me through in decoding myself.

Here are some ideas I picked up


  1. Your Passion, Purpose and Potential are all connected.

My mentor once asked me, “what will you do that even though you don’t get paid for it, you’ll still do it?”
I answered: “Teaching!” (Groans)

Please don’t come to me and ask for free teaching!  ( Imagine my MEME face!) I should have said eating!

Of course I’m just teasing here. If I had no bills to pay or a lady to impress, why not?

My point is, no matter how small you think it is, as long as you love it, it will eventually pay off. So we really can’t look down on somebody just because they are sweeping the streets or washing the dishes.


  2.  What you hate reveals what you love.

Huh? Yeah. You read it right. What you can’t stand is what you are called to fix. Most of the greatest inventions were birthed because of inconveniences.

Why we have an iPod? Well, because there was a time when Steve Jobs thought that it was inconvenient to carry a cassette and cd players!

Even with our laws. Why do people get fined when they smoke at a non-smoking area? Don’t answer. It’s rhetorical.

So watch out for what you hate, it could be the sign you are called to make the change.

It could be in your government, in your school, at work and at home.

  3. If you need somebody to make it happen… That’s not it.



Yup. Your purpose is self-sustaining. So if you are waiting for something to happen or waiting for the world to change, I hate to break to you.. You are wasting your time.

It’s mind-boggling right? But everything you actually need is already in you.

It’s counterintuitive, the world, is actually waiting for you to change.  It’s waiting for you to fulfill your destiny and not someone else’s.

So I’d say we stop complaining and comparing and look ourselves in the mirror and ask-

“If I were to die today, have I really lived?”

My friend, you are dying. You have no more time to waste. The moment we are born in this world , we are in fact on our way to the grave. And the cemetery is really the richest place on earth. Buried there are the dreams, talents, potentials, skills that were never discovered.

Will you just be one of those?

You might be the next innovator. The next president or prime minister . The next Nobel Prize winner.The next general. The next sports champion. The next math and computer wizard. The next best-selling author. The next best public speaker.

Or the mother and father of these people.





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