What do you see?



“What you see is what you get” This was a popular saying in my high school days. We had used it with almost everything including,well, you know, our “counterparts.” Now don’t you come at me judging. I didn’t actually quite understand the meaning behind either until recently.

About 3 or 5 years ago, I started watching preaching online since my job didn’t give me the pleasure of taking the usual Sunday off. I know it sounded silly for some of you but believe it or not, I have learned much more watching online than all my years attending church combined.

I heard T.D Jakes mentioned that these kind of people are part of the “Online Church” (grins) but this blog is not about watching preaching so don’t start with your religion-defense-wall mindset. I am not here to talk any of those. ( Teasing )

Along with those faith building messages, I started watching motivational videos from people like Anthony Robins, Jim Rohn, Terry Savelle-Foy and John Maxwell .  And for some reason,YouTube suggested me to watch success videos “becoming rich” videos of Robert Kiosaki, Evan Carmichael, Forbes and Planet Dolan!

(I’m kidding about Dolan. But his videos are really funny and informative. )

Then it finally hit me, as I began listening and watching these people I realized that my thoughts have changed and eventually my attitude and yes, you know  it- ultimately, my destiny.

As far as I can remember, I was just one of those street children in our city which was fairly common in our society. We were products of broken and dysfunctional families and communities- I know that there are still a lot of those out there. Sadly, in every country there are and I’m hoping that this message will reach them somehow.

Maybe through you?

I wanted to share 3 things that I have learned since I began changing what I watch, listen to and read which turned my life around. I am hoping you get encouraged and inspired.



1.Our eyes and ears are channels to our souls.

Therefore, whatever we listen to and watch will eventually have it’s footing on us. Gradually we begin to talk and look like the people we watch. We even copy their mannerisms and terminologies ! Hah! (Kame Kame hah! )


So why do you think a child becomes violent? Rebellious ? Hateful? Or why do we talk the way we talk or act the way we act? Well, just take an audit of your “Watch list.”


2. What comes out, comes from within

That’s why for many years, I have been carefully choosing the things I read and the music I listen to.

I’m like the Rotten tomatoes of my playlists. I criticize and promote them to myself. Why? Have you ever listened to a very sad song and suddenly you feel the exact emotion? Then you began talking about it and your perspective changes.

Why do you have mixed emotions?  Hhmmm good point. You can now figure it out by now.


3. You have a choice

Yes you do. And whatever that is will shape the person you become and create your own destiny. Don’t blame it to anyone else.

I could have made the stupid excuse of growing up without my parents would make me go wild and terrorize people. But no,I have to terms that I do have a choice.

I once watched T.D Jakes told a story of certain twin brothers. Their father was an alcoholic. So when one grew up, he became an alcoholic because he was raised by an alcoholic- he reasoned.

On the other hand…you probably could guess it.- Yes, he didn’t grow up like his dad. His reason?

“I was raised by an alcoholic.”







“Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”



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