Why not you?

Who me? Nope. Not me. It’s you.

What are you talking about? That was him!

Well, I can’t do that. That’s just out of my league.

I am not enough to take up such and such. If I were born an American probably I could do that! I’m not Steve Jobs nor Bill Gates. I’m just…just…

You probably heard of all these self-pity parties…You probably even said them to somebody or worse..to yourself.

Why is it, when something goes wrong we tend to point fingers at someone else. But when somebody succeeds, we would wished that it was us.And the worst, we become haters.

We watch things unfold before our eyes and accept things the way they are.

Yet, those who are considered successful in life are doers. They are those who make things happen.

Why not you?

I think it’s time for us to just sit down and ponder that for a while.

If Steve Jobs built Apple from his parents’ garage, why not you?


If Stephen Hawking who was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 21 could write books and make an impact nonetheless, why not you?


If Helen Keller , a woman who was blind and deaf became a famous lecturer ,why not you?

If Abraham Lincoln …really? You don’t know about him? Google it!

Let’s go a little bit deeper..


If Tim Allen,once a drug user and an ex-convict, took up responsibility for what he did and change his life’s direction after serving his due in prison and eventually establishing his own show, why not you ?

And what about Jay-Z? If you still don’t know about him…Please..Bing it!

How about we go a little spiritual?

Moses? A murderer, turned out to be Israel’s savior. Why not you? For your family? Friends? Country?

If David, an adulterer turned out to be the greatest king ,Israel had known.In fact, if you study his life, you’ll find out that he wasn’t the favorite and considered the least within his family.  Why not you?

To take it to the extreme… Lazarus…the dead guy….please do a little research.


Current ones? President Barrack Obama? The first black President. Why not you?


If Margaret Thatcher, Park Geun Hae and Corazon aquino ( Who that? She that! First female president of the Philippines) ,just 3 of those women who made history when society is in doubt they could …Why not you?

We wish somebody will do something about racism, poverty, injustice, human trafficking, child abuse, abortion , domestic violence and so on….why not you?

Why not us?

I hope we would stop being a problem and start being a solution.

No need to start big. Start from ourselves, then our family, our little cul-de-sac and eventually..a snowball effect..yes,like how little problems become avalanche of catastrophes, solutions can just be small drops of water that fills up a container in time.







Aside from the featured image ,all images are credited to Wikipedia 





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