3 things I learnt from taking risks

Risk is risky you know?

And I know you’ve just scratched your head when you read that or probably frowned at me. Hang on a sec, this isn’t about asking you to sell your house or your puppy to get a 100% ROI within a year. That’s just too good to be true yeah?

I just wanted to share the things I have learnt from finally realizing that you can never expect something new if you keep on doing the same thing over and over again.

  1. Those who changed the world took risks.  


And that’s why you can enjoy iPhones and its great updates right? And don’t forget the cats on Facebook too.

Never forget those who created those companies, have had their share of “life-altering” moments.  If you aren’t convinced, just look at yourself, it took some risks to birth you.

Don’t waste their efforts. Take some of your shares, don’t be such a wimp. Your decision might change not only your life but other people’s lives for good.

2.  It’s not all a “happy-ever after” ending. 


That’s a fact. I’m sure Alexander the great and Julius Caesar took risks as well. They have gambled and achieved the consequences of their bets. That may sound too historic and biased. Let’s get to other countries, how about Martin Luther King Jr? Fernando Poe Jr? ( who in the world is that? well, Google it. ). What about Ryoma Sakamoto? (Again, alt-tab to Google) . These were people who have placed their bets and took some risks but sadly, they were unplugged from this world of the living earlier than expected.

But come to think of it. Our world may have taken a different course without them.

You may not see the results of your sacrifices today, but based on my experiences, you can only connect the dots backwards. ( Credits to the late Steve Jobs)

  3.  Whatever you sacrifice, it will have a return.

You are part of this world

It may not be what you have expected but you’ll always get something out of it. If you bet money, and you lose, you get a lesson or a headache! Duh?

If you love,  you get loved back, or a heartache! Ouch!

All the people I have mentioned, got something in return out of the risks they have taken. Some of them got what they wanted, others got more than they expected and some others never get to see the results of their sacrifices. But we see them right?

I wonder when will you take the plunge of your life that will alter the course of your future and that may benefit humanity in general.Gimli

Like what Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”





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