The Frozen end


How would you like your story to end?

Well, that’s a good question you may ask. I’ve never asked that until recently.

Oftentimes ,people, including me ask about our pasts so we can determine who the person is. We even dare ask about their mistakes and the kind of tough times they’ve been through so we can “sympathize with” a.k.a judge them. Don’t act so innocent now. We all do. And sadly, we even find them in places where we should find the other way around like the church.

But I’m not here to talk about your past,nor my past nor your neighbor’s past not even your dog’s past. I’m here to dare ask what you would become in the future.

I got these 3 questions which guided me to re-write the story I’m telling myself. I thought about sharing them to you guys as well.

   1. If you were to make your life into a story, what would be the genre?  

Will it be  comedy? Something that would make people fall off their chair laughing , a drama which could fill up a bucket enough for a shower of tears, or a horror film that would make someone call Ghostbusters to blast all your Slimers ! ?

Whatever it is, make sure you yourself can watch it.

    2. After you determine the genre, who would play you? 

George Cloney?…… Britney Spears? …….Seriously?  Would they even like the scripts you wrote or would they bid to beg you  let them play you. Up to you.

   3. Lastly,  back from where I started, How would you like it to end? 

Would it make people stay for the after credits? Re-watch it? Recommend to their girlfriends and buddies? Or would they walk off before it ends.


You probably think , it’s too late for me now I’m old. I’ve got a family who I’m responsible of and they determine my life story.

Do they?

My job wont let me. Right?

Or it’s still early to think about it, I’m too young.

Are you? Do you even know if you’re still alive tomorrow?


The movie Frozen wasn’t supposed to be like it was shown. Elsa was supposed to be an antagonist not until the last minute that the they decided to rewrite the story and the rest is history. If you do not know about the movie, you’ve got some issues.. Google it.

It’s never too late.





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