7 Life lessons


Why aren’t you rich?

Hold on. Don’t judge me yet. I wasn’t taunting you nor insulting anybody. I just wanted to be direct enough to catch your attention towards yourself not on others because most of the time that’s what we, humans  do…

We aren’t because we don’t have…We don’t have because….and the typical answers would be…because I wasn’t born privileged, I didn’t have a chance, I live in a poor family.. blah blah blah..

Well, stop your narrative already and read on some of the things I have learned in life which also have been transforming me into a something miraculous. Up to you to take it or not. Eat the flesh and throw the bones.

1 . Be useful

Your Smartphone is useful. Mosquitoes are useful. Even tissues are useful. Why aren’t you?

You can’t be seriously complaining about the world and its chaos while you’re there sitting and murmuring about everything!

What’s your net value? What do people get when they get you? The answer will either challenge you or make you proud of yourself. If none of those happens, you can stop reading this.

2. Don’t complain

What do you get from complaining? How many problems have you solved from ranting?
Either you do something  about it or just stay with your hateful mouth at home.

3. Read

For pity’s sake, read. Not Manga nor comics!

Reading improve’s our personality and makes us better people to talk to.

4. Drink a lot of water.

Not sweetened water nor salt water. Just water. At least 2L a day. It will improve your health and sanity. If you aren’t convince, ask Google.

5. Wake up early.

What? You’re a night owl? We might consider you Call Center agents, you don’t sleep at all! But for us beings with choices , should shut up about  it. We can teach ourselves habits just like playing online games until dawn becomes a habit after 21 days! And duh!? You don’t complain about that at all!

6. Exercise

Yeah, you’ve heard it a  gazillion times!  Your body as well your mind are your assets! Take care of them for the love of God.

7. ‘Me’ time

Lastly, let me remind you that if you don’t have time for yourself, what makes you think you will have time for others? Reflect and look within, you’ll find answers you’ve been looking for. Not from Oprah nor Facebook.

Everything you need is already inside of you.






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