I quit

Two fifty three in the morning.

Still up and contemplating over the things that had happened quite recently.

Quit my job without any savings nor enough money to survive the next month. Yes, that’s completely outrageous and stupid. Well, many would say so. And a few would say it was the right thing to do because I had a terrible work environment plus a devilish boss who likes to poke around people and capitalize on the gray area of hospitality industry.

Definitely would I agree on something like that.

If your work isn’t reciprocating what you have been giving it, what’s the point? Even in relationships, we humans tend to expect something in return. That’s part of being human and there’s no denying about it.

Given that truth, however I came up with the question that totally got me pondering till dawn. “When was the last time I looked back and see where I’ve been?”

So many times we are focused on what is in front of us.

It’s good to have a goal. Something to looking forward to. The prize. We all have them, don’t deny. Even when you say you’re just a simple office worker, you desire something like…the paycheck! Right? Because when you receive that you wanna buy that new gadget, or new clothes or even a new date! Don’t judge me, I’m telling the truth.

The great effect of such is enormous and life changing. But let’s be honest, we don’t get all the goals we set in life. We certainly experience failures and missed opportunities. You may have lost something along the way,or someone. If you haven’t , please check if you are a human being.

When you feel like you’ve lost and failed. If you can’t see what’s in front of you and the goal you’ve set had slipped through your hands? …. what do you do?

I’d say..

Look back.

And see how far you’ve been in life.

There you will remember the great things you have accomplished in life. The relationships you’ve built and treasured and that got you moving. The lives you’ve influenced and the faces you have made to smile. And don’t forget the things you have and had, I mean the material things, like your laptop which you had been wanting to get before and now you have it! Or the pair of jeans which made you feel like a rockstar!

Simple things, like the food you have eaten which a lot of people haven’t tasted. The air that we breathe which a lot of people in the hospital are dying for to have

There’s a lot more to see behind us;like the teachers and mentors who inspired and believed in us. And I’m pretty sure they’ll be happy to see how far you been.

Life isn’t about getting what you want all the time. Nor it isn’t getting what you didn’t want at all.

I think it could give you all sorts of things. Good and bad. Sweet and bitter. Smooth and rough. But believe me, they all have flavors, colors and textures!

All we need to do is be thankful for what we have and had. Because whether you like it or not, you actually have more than what you had before.

How can I be so sure?… Well, we were all born naked. With nothing in our hands nor on our bodies. But look at you now. Despite all of the craziness of life from the day you were born, you have been going , unyielding and reading this!

If we can’t be thankful for the small things, how can we be thankful for the bigger ones?


“In all things, give thanks”

1 Thessalonians 5:18


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