What I learned from "Budget-Meals"

I love being a loyal costumer. When the product is good that’s a plus point. But what really attract me most is the service. When I smile and they smile back, that’s really a good sign ( you may think of it the other way though ). What I really wanted to say is that nowadays people work for work. For salary and promotion. Especially is the service industry when people are paid to be nice and polite. Believe me, most of the costumers know when they are just lip-serving.

So I try to find some genuine services. Genuine hospitality. And I’m glad that there are still some of them around. Like in our area.

Due to my cost cutting, I decided to just eat out and get a “budget meal” it’s what we call here in the Philippines. These are those meals which you kind either choose from 2 different categories- Meat or Vegetable. You may get both or vegetable to vegetable or meat to meat or if your like me, I like the mix and match! Of course as a treat, a cup of rice is included and all these, you get for only a dollar and 50 cents! Some restaurants even offer “unlimited rice” ! C’mon rice eaters! Dig in! Well, it doesn’t really work for me. I like rice but not 5 cups of them in a single meal! Well, anyways, there was these small restaurant nearby our school. At a first glance, you’ll be skeptic to whether it is a restaurant or a warehouse or a beer-house! Why? Well, they all have them. It’s a restaurant with a Karaoke for aspiring singers. Bunch of “pre-loved clothes” (not to mention they are from China, which I’ve just found out!) Some street food which they sell just by the gutter outside. And of course the food! The budget meals! They’re OK to my taste. I thought I would just try it out but it turns out I keep on coming because I was drawn to their humor and service. They really meant what they do! I was blessed to get to know them.

Today, it was just a typical schedule for me, lunch time I go to that restaurant. To my surprise there was a PC unit on the table. It was that unit that one of the staffs told me about which was having a problem. She was thinking of having it repaired but I think she was really asking me if I could do it. So I just said, maybe I should take a look at it and waluh! there it is! I was really surprise. The PC couldn’t power up and it had the same problem before when they broke the power button. So I decided to take a look but they didn’t allow me yet until I finish my meal! Oh yeah, my meal. Well, I forgot to mention that I’m also drawn to computers. I had sideline job before as a computer technician. It’s been a while since I’ve fixed one so it makes my heart pounds! So I got home and got some of my tools ’cause I thought the problem was in the hardware inside or something. Fast forward. I got there with my tools and checked if there were some short-circuits or so but there was none. All are intact. Then it dawn to me, “it might be the power cord?” Light bulb shining on top of my head! ting! there! The problem was its power cord! I walked all the way home just to get my awesome tools but it was just a simple problem! And again, I went back home to get my extra power cords and I just gave it to them. Fast forward. All is well. I was about to go when they ask me, for my service fee and of course, why would I ask? I didn’t do anything. There wasn’t really any problem with the PC. So I politely decline and made my exit. But they insisted that they will repay me no matter what and guess what, after my dinner at the same restaurant, the staffs were mandated not to get my pay! Ha! I insisted! But one of the staffs said she would get fired if they get my pay! OMG! haha! I doubt they would do that to her! yet it just showed how serious they were.

After these, I felt more at ease with them. I’ve been having small talks with the owners and staffs which made me feel more comfortable.

I think it’s supposed to be like that. One day when I own my own business, I would do my service as genuine as possible. This lead me to think that it’s important for entrepreneurs to do what they really love. And base on my experience, we’ll gain loyal customers and later on…friends.


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